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This phase will commence immediately following the receipt of the required approvals. It is anticipated that the Developer will enter into Trade Contracts as well as individual Purchase Orders where appropriate, following the receipt of FirstCon’s recommendations. Detailed scheduling of tendering and construction activity will be as required as determined in a sequence, which ensures efficient use of resources.

FirstCon’s Construction Phase includes:

  • Physical Construction ¦
  • Administrative requirements (i.e. insurance, bonding, permits, licenses, surveys, etc.) ¦
  • Tendering & Awarding including pre purchase of long lead items
  • Trade Contract Management (including planning, scheduling, expediting, co-ordination) ¦
  • Administration with respect to progress payments, updating cash flow requirements and holdback releases ¦
  • Manage changes in the work ¦
  • Site Safety & Security ¦
  • Quality Assurance ¦
  • Monthly Reporting